Advanced Furniture Systems is North Dakota's only dealer of KI products. If you're looking for quality furniture systems, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.



Whether you’re designing a home office, or a company looking to make a much larger order, we’re ready to help. With incredible prices and unbelievable customer service, our team of professionals are happy to assist you with all of your office needs. Have a look at our select products below.



Ready. Set. Reconfigure!
Future proof your space. With a small kit of parts, our modular walls are easy breezy to reconfigure. Or, simply refresh your design; swap out panel skins and finishes, adjust heights, paint shells, or change the number of frames in a run.


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Helping students to learn, play, and explore is partly what started this company as a whole. We want to offer students the best tools to promote their education starting with where they spend most of their time, in the classroom. Students need room to move and be comfortable and our ruckus chairs offer just that.

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Rather than thinking about higher education as a whole, it's best to think of it in parts. Students need areas to focus individually, to regroup on their school projects, and to relax while enjoying their time on campus. We would love to help build these spaces for your students.

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Healthcare environments play a critical role in how patients interpret the quality of their care. By taking a patient-centered approach to furniture, we help build relationships by keeping patients happy and comfortable.

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Our furniture is made to adapt and change as your workplace also adapts and changes. Architectural walls, cubical walls, and sit/stand desks are just a few options that we provide for an ever changing world.



Advanced Furniture Systems is a proud woman-owned furniture company based in Bismarck, ND. As the state's only KI distributor, we’ve been working hard to promote our core principles which include offering the best solutions for our customers' concerns, selling a large selection of top quality products at fair prices, and being as environmentally conscious as possible. 

Kimberly Dalbec, President, was raised in Mandan and is excited to give back to the community that gave her so many opportunities. When she's not growing the business, she loves to cheer for the Colorado Avalanche, garden, and spend time in nature.

Johnathan Dalbec, Chief Operations Officer, is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and is a diehard Detroit Red Wings fan. In his free time, he enjoys video games and working with his hands.

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If you're interested in seeing more of our products or are interested in employment, we'd love to hear from you.


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